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Develop a desired complete digital marketing strategy.

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Our Certifications
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Our Mission

Our mission is to turn the leads into a sale.

No two businesses are alike and neither is their Marketing.  While they may use different paths to get to their destination, however the end goal is the same:  Leads that convert into increasing their bottom line.  

Let us help to create a custom road map to increase YOUR bottom line.

Plans Starting as low as $499.00/Month

Proven 3 Step Process

Paid Ads

Get your company noticed with paid ads and drive people to your website


Once you catch the eye of someone, it is important to continue to market to them.

Organic Reach

Interact with your customers and potential clients on line.

Our Services


Can be place to interact and run ads to reach B2C and B2B clients.  Consider hosting a Facebook group for your business


A great place to directly engage with your clients one on one.  


Instagram is the second most accessed network behind Facebook. The popular visual-first social medium Be prepared to reach your potential customers with pictures and ads.


If you can think out of the box and use a dash of creativity, your business can benefit from one of the most…underrated social media platforms available for marketing


Great B2B platform to reach prospective clients with both paid ads and organic reach.


Great way to gain trust of potential customers if you are able to give them something of value on here.

Google Ads

Search, display, video, shopping and app ads.  Google has your business covered and so do we.  We are certified in running the various types of ads.

Email/Text Marketing

Utilize your existing customer list and upsell them with remarketing campaigns.


Experience Matters

ES2 has worked with our organization for over a year now and they have been a great asset. They took our social media to new heights. Dwayne and Tara work very hard and creatively for us, always coming up with fresh ideas and concepts and keeping everything up to date and engaging for our audience. We are in constant communication which is great for us as they have a good hold on what our business is and who we are and portrays that very well for us. Dwayne is known and respected well in our community so he is a perfect fit for us with his expertise. I believe they would be greatly appreciated to be apart of your business. If you would like to contact me for more information please don’t hesitate! My office number is 204-548-2099 and my mobile is 204-572-5196
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